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Fashion Items for the Summer

When preparing your luggage for a business trip, efficiency and excellence of the items in the suitcase are the two priorities.  However, when preparing the luggage for your summer holidays, the most important is to ensure your own pleasure and to be impressive in your holiday’s wardrobe. This article can help you to make your best choice for summer.
If you are often on a trip, packing will become part of your usual household chores. Being not very pleasant, packing is done quickly, usually the night before the trip. But the holiday packing must be different – better not leave you for the last moment, if you would like to be the fashion star on the beach!

Start the preparation by making a list of everything you need one week in advance (you can add new things till the last moment). This will ensure that you will not forget any small latest fashion qqqbbb news that you will subsequently miss: for example, a jewel you want to wear with your favorite flared dress or a particular belt for the Boho jeans.

 Boho jeans
Which are the most important trends for the next “beach” season? The first is that the beach bag colour has to match with the colours of your swimwear. Crocs are back in vogue, they are offered even in a ballet style. A fashion trend is to put figures on the crocs and to combine them with the small jewelleries for your mobile phone. Sandals with leather straps are always in top ten fashion items for summer holidays. Another, almost obligatory item in your suitcase is a dress, tunic or long skirt with etnic elements. A cotton jacket with buttons will complete your strapless dresses for evenings. On top of the trends are the bold colours, or the dressing only in shades of white. Bohemian style and everything, related to the fashion of 70s is welcome.

The new technologies are more and more important in clothing and the summer is the best period to show how trendy you are. Put in the evening near the beach a sweater made of mosquito thread by Annapurna. Have for the hot lunchtime a refreshing shirt by Slim, short socks with lavender aroma by Sozzi Calze or a jacket by P. Zero Pirelli, which can be used for recharging of the battery of your mobile phones.

At the end, read some fashion tips, related with the preparation of your luggage and the travel to the beach:

  • The travel bag. The most suitable suitcase is made of nylon fabric: it is light and strong. Soft bags of leather are not very appropriate, as they do not protect your clothing from wrinkles. Choose a bag with wheels!
  • The packing. Put the costumes at the bottom of the suitcase (never wear them in a soft bag, they will be wrinkled. Roll up blouses and underwear and put them in the corners or empty spaces.
  • The clothes for travelling. Comfort should be your main priority. Lighter fabrics and those with Lycra are best because they cannot crush. Shoes should also be comfortable, especially if you travel to a long destination.