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Eco Fashion

A lot of men and women have adopted the eco fashion style but it’s not a mainstream style yet so you might have problems getting information about it. This type of fashion is also known as sustainable fashion and has been quite popular among some groups of people such as different celebrities or vegan groups. The philosophy behind eco fashion is creating clothes that don’t have a bit of impact on the environment. This can be done in many ways, some clothes are made from organic fibers such as cotton, bamboo, or hemp; other clothes simply have a tax added to their price that is given to different charities.

Eco fashion

Some fashion houses focus on the sustainability of the material and choose fibers made from plants like ramie, soy, or corn. Other clothes are made from protein such as wool, angora, camel, cashmere, or mohair. The clothes made from these materials might have a high price but there is another selection for customers who wish to support the environment without having to pay a lot more. The most convenient solution is to buy clothes made from recycled or reclaimed fibers but they are usually very rare.

If you are looking for designers who support this type of latest fashion news, there are several such as Peter Ingwersen, Yotam Solomon, Heavy Eco from Estonia, KamiOrganic from Paris, or Bio Shirt Company from Berlin.

Although there is a lot of controversy concerning this topic, it is always better to at least choose to wear clothes that don’t support any exploitation of the environment and pesticide free fabrics.

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