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Must Have Expensive Fashion Items


Some fashion items are simply expensive because of the materials they are made or the prestige they gathered throughout the years. Whether you are a grown woman or a young woman, you definitely crave for the following items. Here is a list of some of the most expensive fashion items women should try to get during their lifetime.

Diamonds jewelry items

Diamonds – women always had a fascination for diamonds, whether it is because they look stunning or it’s just the fact that they are pricey, one thing is for sure: you can steal a woman’s heart with a pair of diamond earrings. If diamonds are some of your favorite rocks, you should manage and get at least a diamond ring or have someone buy you one, perhaps as a wedding gift. They are right when they say that diamonds are forever because you will love them forever.

Pearls jewlery items

Pearls – pearls, just like diamonds, are some of the most wanted types of precious rocks for jewelry. Some consider pearls to be more beautiful than diamonds as they can give certain elegance to the wearer that is somehow of royal nature. Whether you agree or not with the last affirmation, one thing is certain: pearls are definitely beautiful and they work really well with any type of dress, especially classic cut dresses.

fur coat

Fur Coats – Fur coats have been the subjects of long debates between those who support animal rights and those who like fur too much. Whether a coat is made out of natural fur or not doesn’t really matter, a fur coat itself expresses opulence and extreme elegance, especially paired up with one of the items above. If you want to look really sophisticated, a fur coat is probably your safest bet.

Crystal Clutch Handbag

Crystal Clutch Handbag – Whether those crystals are Swarovski or they are just simple crystals, the crystal clutch handbag looks absolutely beautiful and it can really spice up any elegant outfit. It can be worn for cocktail or formal events and you can match it with any type of shoes that are elegant. It has become a fashion item that shouldn’t miss from a woman’s wardrobe so if you can’t obtain the items above, you should at least get a crystal clutch handbag.

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