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Red Lipstick – Getting The Classic Look


Red lipstick is not just a fashion item but a way to make a fashion statement. Believe it or not, red lipstick is among the most desired looks and also behind the most controversial. It all started when women wanted their lips to look a bit livelier and it has been used from ancient times. No matter what the fashion trends are, red lipstick will always remain a trend and a fashion item any woman must have around.


Although red lipstick is known to look good on everyone, there are some differences when it comes to the shade. You need to make sure that the undertone of the lipstick matches the undertone of your skin, otherwise you might find that it looks quite unnatural and it doesn’t enhance your features at all. Lipsticks have either a blue or a yellow undertone and sometimes people will name them cold or warm undertone. The same happens with your skin, if you are very pale or a redhead you will have a blue undertone, if you are more brownish, you certainly have a yellow undertone. Deciding what undertone you have can be easily done using a sheet of white paper and comparing your skin with it.

Red lipsticks are either orange-yellowish or plum-bluish so it’s not very hard to choose from. Usually when you buy them you can get help from the seller, they will know what undertone you have and you will be asked to try on more lipsticks to see which one looks best. Always check out the result in natural light for a better idea.

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