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2011 Winter Trends – Fur Clothing


Despite all those organizations that are fighting against animal cruelty, the designers still managed to make fur the hottest trend this winter. Everybody knows that women love diamonds and furs so those two will never be out of fashion. Get your fur and become the trendiest this winter.

 In most of the collections, designers managed to use fur as their main work medium. They came up with everything you can imagine, from fur coats to fur pants and even fur sleeves. The great thing about this trend is the fact that it was also in style last year, so you can wear the same clothes. However, not all of us have the money to buy a big fur coat, so you can actually look trendy for less if you just buy some boots with fur or a fur cap. Fur sleeves are also very hot and you will probably find a lot of jackets this fall that have faux fur sleeves.


 If you are thinking about what type of fur you should wear, there is absolutely no difference when it comes to faux fur or natural fur. Actually, most designers would probably go for faux fur and so would most people. So, if you have strong ethics about natural fur, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with faux fur. Actually, it can prove to be a much better solution because fake fur deteriorates much slower and you won’t risk it being destroyed by moths. On the other hand, you will find that fake fur will not keep you as warm as natural fur, but that won’t be an impediment as long as you don’t go climbing mountains in the middle of the winter.

 If you want to buy a natural fur color, think again. Apparently, the hottest type of fur out there is something with a crazy color like hot pink, bright blue, purple or even green. As long as the color is totally unnatural, you will surely be in trend. You can also go for fur accessories, such as fur gloves, a fur scarf and, as I mentioned earlier, fur sleeves. This doesn’t apply only to women, men have been seen on the catwalk with great fur coats on, so it’s their trend too.

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  1. Fashion Forward permalink
    October 20, 2011

    I do hope everyone is aware that a good amout of fur comes from China. China has no regulations on animals, so the fur you are wearing could have come from a dog or a cat. Don’t believe me? Then go to youtube and look up ‘Fur Trade in China’. Watch a few of those videos and see if you can still wear fur.

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