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Ace & Jig – The colors of youth


If you are looking for the newest fashion designers you surely need to check out the cool Ace & Jig. These girls not only manage to combine old with new but they also have a lot of creativity on their hands and manage to make great clothes. Their latest clothing line is extremely colorful and it’s inspired fromIndia. They both went and shopped there for fabrics and various lines that they can use in their new collection. But before talking about their great collection we should first find out who these new and hot designers are.

Ace & Jig is composed of Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson who were both fashion designer interns in New York. They met ten years ago and they both became friends being bonded by their passion for textile art. Their first designs were for Language inNew Yorkand after that they launched LaROK so they were pretty familiar with the fashion world when they created Ace & Jig. After a short break when they both had a baby, they started collaborating again and created Ace& Jig. Their friendship is strong and they had similar lives, they both gave birth almost the same time, they both got married at almost the same time and that bonded them more than anything.

Nowadays they both live in Brooklyn and they are working for their company named after their firstborns: Alice and James.

Their clothes can be described as fresh and multicolored so if you are into that style you will absolutely love them. Actually, the trend this summer and spring was much more like most of their clothes so if you got your hands on one of their pieces you probably were extremely fashionable. They also have some classical looking pieces made with elegant colors such as grey, black and red with a bit of vintage feel to them, for those of you who really enjoy that look.

If you ever want to stand out and not pay a fortune on your clothes the new brand Ace & Jig is definitely the option for you with its new and unique feel.

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