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Chiffon – the everlasting fabric

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You should leave home your shame, when the spring and especially – summer, come. The reason is simple: transparent fabrics like chiffon are always on vogue. There is no need to observe the fashion weeks in Paris, London or Milan to know the three winners of the designers for hot weather and super elegant dresses: the well known silk, sheer chiffon and sexy lace in different colors. These lightweight fabrics make every woman look more feminine and provocative, while being comfortable in wearing.

 Many fashion designers assess the chiffon as an everlasting fabric. This beautiful material is delicate and elegant at the same time. It can be made from different fibers, but mainly chiffon is woven with silk, cotton or synthetic yarns. Actually, the pure chiffon must be made of 100% silk. However, silk is very weak, especially when the item is wet, therefore to avoid breaking the producers insert cotton and mane made fibers in the yarns’ blends. When placed in front of the light, the tightly twisted yarns of the chiffon are visible. The cotton or man made fibers make the fabric a bit hard, but at the same time this chiffon is stronger, with visible shine and significantly cheaper.


The production of chiffon is extremely difficult: the yarns have slippery texture, which is very difficult to be woven. But chiffon is one of the favourite materials in the design of formal wear because of his drapery abilities and excellent vision of the clothing. It is used mainly for making evening gowns, because the materials looks fine, lies free and is very convenient for every kind of activity. In most cases, however, chiffon gowns require lining because of the transparency of the fabric. Silk chiffon is very modern, pleasant to touch and looks very sexy in jackets, gowns and skirts. Polyester chiffon is harder, but more durable and is used in production of scarves, ladies’ hats and even lampshades. Chiffon is frequently used in haute couture collections of Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, Christian Lacroix, Valentino and others.

 Large prints and bold colors attract much attention to the transparent chiffon and it becomes more noticeable. Fashion colours for romantic natures include pale yellow, baby pink and sky blue, whilst chiffon in coral, gold, magenta, purple or turquoise is suitable for brave persons. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends you will definitively feel good and comfortable in light fabrics clothes or accessories, being ready for every special occasion in your life!

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