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Colorful Camo – Bringing Back An Old Trend With A Twist


The spring of 2012 has delighted us with numerous fashion trends, each of them unique and marvelous to look at. There was a style for everyone and designers simply presented their best work in an attempt to surprise the audience and offer a show. In just a few words, the spring season was one of the richest ones yet so it wouldn’t be fair to try to list all the trends in one article, instead, we can focus one something that has caught our attention with its innovative style.

Camouflage has been adopted by the fashion industry a while back so it isn’t something that most people would consider new, quite the contrary actually. This spring, the camo pattern has been combined with something we all know to be fashionable, colors. The colorful camo was become a big fashion trend in 2012 and the feminine outfits that have this style offer something totally different from what we are used to. The camouflage patterns are no longer meant to offer a heavy-duty look but instead are designed to be more subtle and feminine. This soft look created with the help of pastel colors is the opposite of previous years and it fits in perfect with the current trends.

If you plan on embracing this trend as your own in the urban jungle, you should know that it can be very easy to accessorize as it does most of the work while still being subtle. Work outfits in colorful camo or just something for a casual look can look great during the spring/summer. Short dresses, just above the knee or two piece outfits are very popular and it is recommended to keep the look simple and fresh; some light make-up with a touch of color is the only thing you need to pull off this look.

This fashion trend is not meant to be as flashy as some of the other styles that are popular this season so it is prefect for when you want to take a break from wearing all orange outfits and try something a bit more subtle. Pastel colors as well as black, grey and white patterns are always a good choice.

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