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Fashion Items That Work Well With Your Curves


Forget about what the fashion magazines say about women’s shape, an hourglass figure is the best shape possible and you will have to get some cool fashion items to make yourself even sexier. Here are some of the things that should always be in your wardrobe.

Bra – a good bra is always the best fashion item any curvy woman needs. If your breast area is larger you will be able to show a lot of cleavage, but you have to make sure that you have a good bra. This fashion item is essential and you need to make sure that you have at least one that has a lighter color and one with a darker color so that you can switch them according to your clothes. Make sure that you go to a high quality store that sells lingerie and get something that is durable.

Jacket – a jacket is a curvy woman’s best friend, it doesn’t hide her curves it just enhances them. If you have an hourglass shaped figure, you will look absolutely amazing in jackets. Get two or more in various colors so that you can switch them according to your outfit and needs as this is definitely one of the number one fashion items you will need.  Also, don’t get a long jacket, which will just cover your beautiful curves, make sure that you have shorter ones and you will be absolutely amazing.

A cleavage showing dress in two colors– this is the perfect fashion item you would want to wear when you really want to impress. The dress shows your cleavage and makes you look amazing when it’s in two pieces. The great thing about this is the fact that you can use the lighter half on the part of your body you want to enhance, like your cleaver for example, and the darker half on the part that you want to make smaller. This makes an amazing combination and you will surely look absolutely stunning.

Heels – don’t forget stilettos as they are the fashion items that will make your feet look elongated and more amazing, so you need to keep a pair of those around.

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