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Fashion Tip – Trendy Halloween Costumes

The old days where you could just spend a few hours before the party preparing and you’d be done are over. Halloween parties now require a bit more thought and preparation and each year comes with a new trend, together with tougher competition and many more choices.
On Duty
Chicks dig firemen. Men can dress up as a policeman, a security guard, or even soldier. Some have the misconception that dressing up for Halloween must make you look bad. Wrong! You could have the most unique outfit while still looking charming and all.
Who wouldn’t want a celebrity to attend their Halloween party? No matter what the paparazzi say, Lindsay Lohan still knows how to rock a party! Now, word of advice, don’t do the Lindsay Lohan thing if you’re a guy. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Clive Owen all would do more than just fine. But make sure that your costume is properly assembled so that the party attendees won’t waste 10 minutes trying to figure out who it is you’re trying to impersonate.

Fictional Characters
‘How you doin?’ Yes, yes, it’s Joey from Friends! Dressing up as a fictional TV character is quite trendy these days. A participant of the Survivor reality show dress-up would require some dirt on your face, along with torn clothes and some sandals. The famous TV character House would require a cane, a one-size-bigger T-shirt, pants, a jacket, and a pair of running shoes. However that won’t be it, you have to memorize some of House’s witty one-liners or come up with some new ones yourself for you to cut it.
In conclusion, you shouldn’t face any difficulty this year dressing up for your Halloween part; you’ve got plenty of choices.

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