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Fashion trends for Spring-Summer


There are 6 basic themes of the fashion trends at the beginning of 2011: Seventies, Prints, Bold colors, Eclectic, Minimal white and Pajama. The themes are defined by HerpersBazaar after the big shows during the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, and New York. Obviously, it is nice to have some extravagant clothes and to look like Lady Gaga, but many women don’t have money, energy, and time for useless shopping. So you may check the fashion trends and to select new and funny solution for your everyday styling.

Seventies. Many women (and men!) will be happy to see the new return of the mini skirts. Mini and midi are the two welcome lengths of the skirt and wrap halter dresses. To follow the tendencies from the 70s, it is better to worn them under very long coats. Wrap halter tops and bow blouses go in combination with both skirts and trousers with flare legs. As a whole, fashion trousers and jeans will be bellbottom, with flare legs and high waists. Platform shoes are undoubted part of the 70s toilet.

Prints. Not just the prints are on fashion, it is matter of a match and mixture of prints. This is an amazing ability for you to wear one piece of clothes in five or ten different ways. Be creative and do experiments. The classical prints of China porcelain – white and blue – stay on the top of the “prints trend”. They will look great with denim or bold red.

Bold colors. Bold colors are typical for the fashion of 70s as well, but in the 2011 trends they have their own place. The most important here is to have at least one bold color on you and if it is closer to your face – it’s better. Many women avoid bold colors, but there is at least one, which fits well to your skin and eyes. Just try several and make your choice. Electric blue, bright red, yellow and orange are the favorites for the season. If you are still in doubt, you may always wear pure white next to the face and move bold colors on the skirt or trousers.

Eclectic. To be honest, eclectic is always on the top of fashion trends. There is nothing more feminine and modern at the same time, than to combine different styles from the same season themes or from different times. Boho Chic or Bohemian style make every woman feel like fashion designer and create her own style.

Pajama. You really need an excellent figure to wear “palazzo” pants. Even in this case the outline seems to be shorter and fatter. The designers may propose what they want, but it has to be always a personal choice if to wear the “fashion item” or not. If you really like to try pajama dressing – go ahead! Probably it will fit you…

Minimal white. Designers this season are at one with the white color – they all agree that white color has several shades. Be creative and find out the white shade, which fits best to your tanned face. And don’t forget, that white is always the color of the summer!


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  1. May 16, 2011

    I love this article!! I love reading fashion and this is one of the great articles I have read so far. Keep up the good work.

  2. June 27, 2011

    You made some very useful and interesting points within your post. Thanks for this!! Extremely helpful!

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