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Fashion Trends From The Future


We have seen many fashion trends this season, some new, other inspired from the past. A new trend that is now becoming more popular is a bit different and offers a futuristic look to modern women that are tired of the classic patterns and stripes. This trend, although very interesting, has something in common with almost everything fashionable this year, it has a lot of bright colors.

So what is it about these futuristic prints that make them so fashionable? Well, for starters, the outfits look pretty amazing with color combinations that make them stand out quite a lot. A good example here would be some purple futuristic flower-like patterns on a sparkly silver base to create a two piece outfit perfect for the spring. There are also short dresses that have a nice combination of colors which offer a futuristic vibe. While this trend demands a lot of attention, wearing such outfits isn’t as hard as some women may think; there is a certain level of confidence required and making a fashion statement is never easy.

If you don’t want to go for the full futuristic look, you can try to keep things a bit more subtle by wearing a colorful printed pair of pants with a simple white T-shirt. The contrast will make the pants stand out even more but you will still maintain a classy and modern look. Every fashion trend that can be completed with a simple white shirt is ideal for a woman in a hurry that likes looking fashionable.

The main accessories that go well this trend are high heels and a similar styled handbag. The shoes are recommended to have a very interesting color to go with the bright outfit while a fashionable bag is just perfect no matter the trend. If you want to see some of the popular ideas, Vera Wang has a great collection that includes futuristic prints designed for the spring of 2012. Be ready to turn some heads if you plan on trying out this trend as colorful futuristic patterns don’t easily go unnoticed and are a great alternative from the classic dots we are used to.

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