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Fashionable Tanned Skin Tone


Showing off your tan lines to the fullest advantage depends on the type of clothes you wear and also the kind of makeup you use. Too much makeup and loud colored clothing could spoil the entire look. Natural earth toned colors for your makeup will help enhance the effect of the tan beautifully and clothing that shows off the tan lines only adds to the perfect picture.
Tan skin
Summer is drawing to a close.
As the glorious days of summer begin to fade away and start to give way to fall, it will soon be time to bundle up inside warm sweaters and wooly coats. Before you have to, you need to show off your gorgeous tan; the best way to do so is to choose comfortable clothes in colors that offset your natural coloring. Deep tans benefit from colors that include: orange, ochre and sienna.
tan skin fashion
Finding the perfect cut to show off tan lines
When you have a not so deep tan you can choose earthy colors and then highlight the overall effect with some brightly colored accessory. You need to choose clothes that are cut in a style that shows off your tan lines to great advantage. Halter tops and tank tops are good for putting those beautiful bronzed shoulders on display. Tanned legs can benefit from shorts, mini skirts and dresses. Draw attention to your face with a light colored turtleneck top.
Clothing that covers up imperfect tan lines
Tan fashion
There may be times when getting the picture perfect tan may not be possible. For example if your legs have gotten tanned in a patchwork style, you will have to cover them– no shorts or minis for you! Go for chic trousers! Top off with a halter neck or sleeveless top to show your arms to full advantage (assuming they are well tanned) and covering the funny looking tan on your legs. No shortage of clothing styles to show off or cover up tan lines. You just need to take the time and make the effort to find outfits that complement your tanning efforts.

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