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Fedoras Can Be A Loud But Good Statement


Fedoras have been reintroduced in casual wear in the last couple of years. A move that was seen fantastically bold at first may be a bit overplayed now, overplayed that is, if you don’t know how to correctly choose the right type of hat for your face type and the altogether look before you wear one.

To start with, the name, fedora is used to describe a great deal of hats, like the homburg, the porkpie, or even the bowler. These are all different hats that might look different on people because of their dimensions.

The fedora, when worn correctly can be the very definition of cool and sheik in both men and women. It goes perfectly with the geeky style of today, and will bring an air of freshness and boldness to your look. It is a very urban look, so don’t think that you’ll look like your grandpa.


When it grew in popularity it also became more diverse, so there is a host of models, colors, patterns, and materials to choose from. It can go for a classy event, but people tend to wear them casually, when they go out or to a party or social event.

The best part of wearing a fedora is that it can really improve your look. Say you have a round and small face, a slightly higher fedora, will make you look thinner and taller, while giving you an air of an urban fashionista.

The most looked for models are the ones with short brims, of 1.5 inches or less, however, people shouldn’t ignore the larger brim ones, especially guys as it can give a classier look, and fit your face type better, while keeping you cooler.

While they come in a great deal of colors and types, the best place to buy a cool fedora online is where you can choose from a great deal of models to fit your head perfectly.

The other great thing about fedoras is that they are perfect for summer wear. If you choose a fedora that is made from natural, breathable materials like coconut skin, cotton, linen or straw, it will keep you cool in those hot summer days, while making you look fantastic.

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