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Hip Outfit – Mixing Your Prints


When it comes to being trendy the idea is not necessary about what clothes you wear but mostly about what kind of patterns you should mix. If you don’t want to risk looking like a person who had no idea what to wear and randomly added something, you need to give pattern mixing a bit of thinking.

Start with something simple – if you are a novice to this you should definitely start with simple patterns that go well together. For example a shirt with rectangular patterns and a less striking pattern like small dots on your skirt. You shouldn’t go overboard unless you really want to make a fashion statement.

Adding accessories – if you have a lot of patterns and you add a lot of accessories you might end up looking like you tried too much in the best case or you came from a mental hospital, worst case scenario. This is why you should keep accessories to a minimal level if your patterns are too obvious. Also, choose accessories with similar lines as your patterns will just make them unnoticeable so if you want your accessories to stand you, you need them to be completely different than what you have on.

Advanced pattern mixing – when trying to mix the same types of patterns don’t choose the same colors, that just looks wrong. Try to create a fun mix by using different contrasts. For example, you can choose to mix black dots on a white shirt with a skirt that has small blue dots on a red background. Also, mixing plain pieces of clothing with patterned ones will create an even greater and trendier contrast.

Pattern mixing is not an art that requires a high skill, just a bit of attention and some common sense. If you are not sure, ask a friend to get a good look at you and feel if there’s something wrong with what you wear, but make sure she gives you her honest opinion.

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