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Hipster Fashion Disaster


Lindsay Lohan is known for being the child actor that went on the bad path of success. She has been arrested for possession of drugs for drinking and driving and has been always involved in some scandal. Besides making bad life decisions Lindsay Lohan would often come to events badly dressed and very drunk. The two aren’t mutually exclusive which can somehow justify her taste in clothes. Here she wanted to make sure that she looks a bit more like a hipster and a bit modern but really what she did in the end was to fail at fashion.


She was just released from the Rehab Center and she appeared in public wearing this. Although everybody is glad for her and hopes she will have a more balanced life we cannot miss the lack of taste when putting together this costume. The first thing that strikes is the blue flowery dress that looks like a dress my grandmother would wear. On its own, the dress could actually be cute for a French-Amelie style look, but paired up with a brown leather jacket it simply looks horrible. Such combinations of clothes should be illegal because they make our eyes hurt. Sure, she could have worn the dress on her own or the leather jacket on her own paired up with the boots but all those things put together scream desperation to look different.

But it doesn’t end here, she decides to throw in a bag that looks completely horrible and added to her outfit doesn’t bring anything good. Also, the fact that she decided to get under the knee socks in combination with a short dress and those terrible boots is probably a worse decision than deciding to take drugs.

She probably wanted to go for the hipster look but it wasn’t a great decision, especially since all the outfit pieces matched terribly together. Also, the problem is that transparent socks give you a more elegant look but when paired with boots that simply look horrific, you won’t get a great effect, actually you will get the worst thing in the world, which is probably this look.

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