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Men Essential Fashion Items


As it is for women, men should also have a guide for fashion items that they need no matter how they usually wear. There are some events in a man’s life when they simply need to wear a certain thing or attend an event where there is a dress code.

A white shirt – whether you are going for an interview or just going to college to present your latest paper, the white shirt never fails. Actually, no other shirt color is as good as the white shirt, it’s simple and it says that you are classy. Make sure that the shirt fits you and you get it from a store where they know what they are doing. Also, spending a bit more on the shirt is great as you will be able to get something that is high quality and probably wear it for a longer time. If you don’t like white, a classic choice is also a blue or a gray shirt.


A suit – Getting a suit can be tricky, but it has to be done at one point in a man’s life. The recommended way is to go to a tailor and make sure that you buy something that fits you well; there’s nothing more terrible than a man who wears a suit that doesn’t look good on them because it’s too large or too tight. Don’t go overboard by getting one of the trendy suits available, especially if you don’t wear suits every day. You need something that will work well with formal events so stay with the classic cut.


A good pair of shoes – a good pair of natural leather shoes is the best thing when attending formal events. Make sure that they fit, because shoes can hurt like crazy if they don’t fit and you wear them for a few hours.

men shoes

An elegant tie – What other accessory one needs to combine with the fashion items presented above? A good tie. Actually, make sure that is a classic looking tie, don’t go for cartoon ties or images, because those are not what people would expect you to wear during a formal event.

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