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Spring 2012 Fashion Trends


The major spring 2012 fashion shows have come to a close and, like always, there were some solid performances from industry stalwarts and some unexpected winners and losers. With a few months to prepare, a woman interested in fashion can start studying the trends that emerged from the many shows and ready her spring wardrobe. In short, there were a few trends that showed up across the board, from New York to Tokyo, and will be appearing on the streets as soon as the weather starts to warm up.

The Donna Karan house was obviously a major winner, receiving a standing ovation and many positive reviews from his New York show. The designs introduced focused on tribal patterns as well as a hint of whimsy in several dress models. Much of the tribal influence came from African sources and was an omen of things to come in later shows. Mara Hoffman followed the trend, but focused more on Mexican and South American influences for her tribal designs. The reason that the Donna Karan line was considered one of the best was the elegant representation of the tribal designs that would be equally home at a special event or a casual date. This focus on native influences will surely be a trend to watch once the spring lines hit the stores.

Without a doubt, the most anticipated fashion show for the spring 2012 season was the debut line from musician and media mogul, Kanye West. All eyes were on him as he unveiled the latest branch of his empire. While his initial collection was not necessarily well received by critics, the rapper-designer was able to hit on a major trend that would appear in later shows – the choice of colors. It seems that muted tones will be the major choice of designers this spring, with concentration on light browns and powder pinks. West’s collection relied heavily on these two colors, both following the early New York shows and preceding the runway exhibitions in Milan by designers like Daisy Fuentes.

Another clear winner that correctly identified the trends that people want was Diane von Furstenberg. Sticking to her normal method of provided versatile garments for any occasion, Furstenberg was one of the first spring 2012 designers to fully embrace the floral print. Her collection moved away from the traditional cutesy flowers and focused on loose floral designs that took less influence from actual flowers than from illustration and principles of design. The result was a hit that was almost universally applauded. Already, the orders are stacking up for her light blouses and thin pants in anticipation of a warm and fashionable spring.

The trends from designers this year for the spring 2012 season largely played it safe. Their predictions are that women will choose to stay to more traditional influences when they head out into the streets. With the color palette already being defined and the prominent styles in place, the only thing left is to see which designs actually make from the store shelves onto the shoulders of women.

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