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The Camouflage Trend Emerges Again


The army trend has not succeeded to establish itself permanently into our wardrobes as its degree of desirability is so volatile that it does not seem likely to become one of fashion’s basics. However, the military features emerge now and then making their way towards the front of the stage, by means of the camouflage patterns – the one item of the army trend which has become a classic.

Indeed, with the kaki tones of the latest Givenchy collections and the Monogramouflage series coming from Louis Vuiton, the camouflage pattern seems to impose itself in this year’s fashion. Issued from Marc Jacobs (the artistic director) tight collaboration with the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, this series includes, as one might expect, a luxurious monogram bag as well as accessories like bracelets and belts that combine the classical Louis Vuiton style with military influences, taking this pattern to a whole new level.

But if on Riccardo Tisci’s catwalk, finely speckled skins of stingrays made ​​a subtle reference to the camouflage patterns, this shows only to a small extent how the street has decided to seize the army trend as many clothes manufacturers have lately honored  in their collections these rough versions of patterns that make us think about the U.S. Marine. If the camouflage jacked seems beforehand a lack of taste for some, it is now a fashion gimmick in perfect accordance with the time’s spirit. As the contemporary mood seems to favor superposition, the camouflage pattern is ideal for adding a roots touch to a quilted fabric.

However, fashion advisers warn us, as the camouflage style is not to be abused of. They don’t recommend it from toes to head, but as a nice way to revive a classic pair of jeans or a too dull T-shirt.

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