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To dress like a French lady


French women are known in the fashion world as being able to dress properly in all occasions. It is not a chance that France is the leading country in the world of haute couture and prêt-a-porter, whilst the French designers are symbols of the best abilities in vogue in the world. Everything has its backgrounds and one of the reasons for that is in the natural style and elegance of French ladies.

It is not an easy task to give suggestions how to dress like a French woman, as it has to be felt from inside. Proper dressing and behave have to be like your second nature. But there are some rules, which are good to be known and – to be followed or adopted.
• Find the clothing style that fits to your figure and nature. This is the main secret of the French women: they do not follow the fashion trends blindly, but have a “nose” how to use them to underline the beauty of their faces and bodies. Even the young French girls have been taught what to wear to show their advantages.
• Buy expensive, but high quality clothes. It is not true that the wardrobes of French women are full: actually, they buy less, but high quality fashion pieces, instead of hundreds of cheap clothes. Their secret is that they go for classical styles and cuts and look for fashionable accessories, shoes, and bags. Thus they may buy only one quality piece of clothes per season, but it will make them elegant for years.
• Go for simple style. Simple cuts, but classical and elegant can be found in the wardrobe of every French lady. The fuzzy style is simply unknown. Forget about too colorful patterns, bows and curls, as well as eye-catching metallic or bold effects. Do not forget, that Coco Chanel has converted the classical and somehow boring man suit into a very sexy clothing for women, that emphasizes the femininity.
• Think about accessories. The French women observe very well the rule: less is better. They may have one scarf and one necklace, but know when to put it and how to wear it. The jewelry follows the rule of the wardrobe – better one, but of high quality. Hats are very special accessory for French ladies: but these are not the pompous designs of English hats, but small, feminine and simple hats like the beret, for example.
• Be ready. Build the habit to have at least one cocktail dress on hand for unexpected situations: night party, birthday, or just an evening out. French ladies are so fast: even the invitation comes one hour before the event, they have the look and self-confidence of a movie star. If you need, make a list with the proper combinations in your wardrobe and have it on the door of your wardrobe.
• Be charming. The charm is something, that French women have all days and nights. They do not expect someone to happen so as to look well. They look well all the time!

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