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Winter rocks

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Fall is here, but she is not here to stay, she just packed all the moody colors, the thin and tiny skirts, the volatile blouses and sweaters, left a large empty spot in your wardrobe but do not worry because winter is just around the corner, waiting with her big and generous voyage in one hand and a pair of ski sticks in the other hand. Lets see what is inside winter’s box of wonder. Starting with basics, narrow leg pants are still very much the “it” leg style. You will find lots of skinny leg and cigarette style pants in fabrics like suede, denim, cord, wool flannel and stretch cotton. Ski pants or stirrup bottom leggings are also making a comeback. So the main theme of this winter is “memory”, remembering a golden age of fashion and glam. First reborn style on today’s list is the heavy metal inspired look which might seem a bit daring for the more conservative ladies out there but do not worry, a  black leather  jacket full of zips and metal applications will work just perfect with your fancy cherish dress or with a more volatile, flowered girly dress.

You might get used to this fresh style and you will also add even without knowing it some other indispensable accessories like: studs, eyelets, metal bars and chunky decorative zips on everything from belts to bags, tops and denim creations and other crazy stuff that you never thought you will apply on usual outfits giving them a new and fresh air. In some way similar with the rock influence is another style that spreads the same scent of masculinity and confidence is the boyfriend style jackets and cardigans which is so much appreciated nowadays especially among female movie stars who always define themselves as fashion icons. Why should we, females, adopt such a masculine style when we have plenty of femininity all around us, from the exquisite podiums down to the platform of our daily lives. The answer is straight and simple, it’s comfy, slouchy fit is the perfect partner to leggings and skinny leg pants. They look good worn with a skinny belt or two. Or you could try partnering them with a feminine dress from your summer wardrobe. So mixing texture is the new trend in town. Is the time of being and feeling comfortable in our cloths and in the same time paying sufficient attention to accessories which will add a whole lot of good taste and voracity for details.


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