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Hair Weaving – All the Rage

Weaving hair refers to braiding or sewing or even gluing hair onto your existing hair; there are several different ways of doing so. Hair extensions are normally used to weave hair and colored beads and ribbons used, which can be matched to clothing. Hair weaves have become so totally trendy and today it is all the rage!

Hair Weaving to Say “I Do”
Hair weaving in today’s world uses technology that is highly advanced and gives the wearer a very natural look. Hair extensions for weddings are usually done by attaching a temporary weave done to match the white gown. The process of bonding is usually temporary and hair is glued to your existing hair. Clip-ins are great and once you buy them you can use them to match any outfit apart from the wedding dress as they can be used over and over again.

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Dating Excitement and Hair Weaves
There may be times when you need an instant weave to match a particular outfit or to do on a short notice date. The one and only word of advice, go to the professionals. Do not attempt to do hair weaves on your own, the results can be real messy. The instant weave requires the use of bonding glue that necessitates putting glue on your hair and then affixing the hair extension.

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Getting on the Interlocking Weave Bandwagon
Interlocking is probably the most common and popular of all weave styles. This style of braiding the hair provides the wearer with enhanced flexibility and comfort. This type of braiding will allow you to choose whether all of your hair should be interlock braided or only a part of it. Perfect for dating, going out on the town, the office and better yet the style matches most any outfit.
In order to maintain the weaves it should be well taken care of and the use of a moisturizer or something to provide a shine is recommended. Always cover your head with a scarf when sleeping!

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