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Choosing Your Ideal Watch


What could be classier than wearing the right watch for the right occasion or what could be a better gift than the perfect watch? If you want to find a great women’s watch to wear or you want to buy that special women in your life a great watch here are some things you might want to know before going through with the purchase.

  1. Know the occasion or the type of watch you want to buy. It may be a luxury watch for the formal parties and or elegant social events, it could be a casual watch you can wear to work every day  or it can even be a sports watch to wear when working out or going on a jog.
  2. Have an idea of the style of clothing the person you’re buying the watch has. Some watches can be very simple and with a classic design while others can have a modernist design or even a retro old school one.
  3. Make it age appropriate.  Buy a more classically designed watch for the career or business women while for a young or teen women you can try a modern watch.
  4. Think of the material of the watch. Some women might love a metal or precious metal watch while other might want a futuristic plastic, rubber or silicone one. Think of other jewelry that person might poses and try to stay within those boundaries.
  5. Think of the band. It should always be adjustable and comfortable. Bands come in all shapes and colors; some might want a classic leather band while others would want a funky rubber one. Think of the character of the person you’re buying the watch for when taking this decision.
  6. Jewelry isn’t always a good idea. Sure a jewel studded watch could be a classic and impressive gift but some women prefer functionality and comfort ability over elegance.
  7. Have a budget in mind. This goes for every watch purchase but knowing how much money you can spend will give you a good idea about the brand of the watch you’re going to buy.
  8. Do the research. Know what kind of watch you’re buying. Try to find out about the quality of the mechanism not just the way your watch looks, try to seek a second opinion some reviews maybe even an experts opinion.

Find out if she is allergic to a certain type of material. Before buying a watch try to find out if the person you’re buying the watch for has any type of metal allergies, or allergies to the belt materials, like leather or rubber.

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