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Classic Hoop Earrings – Sophisticated But Simple


Classic hoop earrings are probably the most common shape you can find for earrings. However, despite being common this is also the most popular and it will never go out of style. With hoop earrings you can improve your whole appearance and make your face look softer. There are a few things you need to consider when wearing your hoop earrings.

If you are going to wear these earrings, make sure that your other pieces of jewelry are subtle enough. These are already big so you don’t need to go overboard by adding other massive jewelry. Another important thing is choosing your design and if the hoop earrings are extremely big and with a lot of sparkles on them, you will need to choose something that will draw less attention.

While wearing your earrings you will need to be careful with your hair. You can choose to do an updo or you can let your hair float but you will have to make sure that your earrings don’t get tangled in it and ruin your night out. Another important aspect is makeup and a heavy makeup and hoop earrings might look a little bit too much. If you don’t want to look like a stripper you will have to keep your makeup more natural and avoid any bright colors. Also, make sure that your hoops don’t look like bling blings from a hip hop video, those are never in fashion, they are just a symbol of bad taste. Try using medium or small hoops and never choose long models, you don’t need your earrings to rest on your shoulders either.

By following these simple rules when you buy and wear your earrings, you will surely manage to pull them off and obtain a great elegant look while being super stylish.

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