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Jewelry Pieces that Transform Your Look


The main purpose of a piece of jewerly is to transform you and your outfit into something better looking; if a jewelry fails to do so, it fails its purpose as a jewelry. There are certain jewelry designs and certain precious stones and metals that will completely transform you and give that glamorous touch your outfit needs. Here is a list with what you need to look for when you simply want to be amazing.

Gold jewelry – Gold jewelry in yellow and rose color will do wonders with a beautiful tanned skin; this type of jewelry works great for people with darker skin because it will bring out their natural color. Also, if you have blue or green eyes, gold in yellow and rose will always make them stand out.

Silver, platinum and white gold – these types of metal will work absolutely wonderful for a person with whiter skin, especially somebody with a blue undertone. Also, they work amazing for people with black skin with blue and red undertones as they make their features pop. Silver, platinum and white gold look basically the same but they come in different tones and also quite different durability. For example, silver is white grey while platinum is more white.  Also, silver can be quite soft while platinum is an extremely durable metal. The same differences apply when it comes to white gold and platinum, as the former is much denser and much whiter in comparison.


When it comes to gemstones there are many variations; you can choose semi-precious or precious gemstones. The precious gemstones that are most popular are: diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. However, it seems that the semi-precious gemstones are surely making a comeback, especially when it comes to opal, turquoise, jade, or coral. These make great fashion accessories and can come in various colors, so there are many choices. You can choose each gemstone that you want to wear after your birthstone or you can simply choose whatever makes you feel more beautiful.

Design is also extremely important when it comes to jewelry. A glamorous big necklace is not suited for petite figures as a small necklace is not suited for bigger figures.  Some designs can definitely transform the wearer, for example a long necklace will make them appear longer while a chocker necklace will make them look shorter and also make their neck shorter. Gemstone-Jewelry

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