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Messenger Bags – A Hip Choice For Both Genders


When it comes to handbags, there are so many styles, shapes and brands available that there is always that one perfect bag that would complete your look. One type of bags that has become quite popular over the years and it still holding strong this season is the messenger bag. Young people, boys and girls, find messenger bags to be the perfect representation of their style and their generation; not to mention that it is also pretty comfortable and perfect for going to class because it can easily hold the necessary books and even a laptop.

The messenger bag can be found in many shapes and colors but the main design is always there. It is usually a rectangular handbag that has a long shoulder strap for maximum comfort. The medium size is the most popular because it offers perfect practicality while maintaining the casual look everybody loves so much. Black is the most common color for messenger bags but colorful patterns are always an option. The interior is usually made out of one or two large compartments with interior or exterior zipper pockets. Cotton as well as leather are the most popular materials used to create luxury messenger bags.

The name comes from the resemblance these fashionable bags have with the ones used by bicycle messengers. They have a long strap that allows the currier to wear it across the body and let it hang on one side or on the back. This allows messengers to carry medium sized envelops and magazines while riding a bike.

Of course, no one is expecting you to use your messenger bag on a bike but more for fashion purposes. The thing that makes them so popular is actually their anti-fashion message which youngsters adore. The hip element is there and it can be seen quite clearly and the flat side surface is the perfect place for custom decoration and so every messenger bag can be unique and personal and it can show a side of the person wearing it.

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