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Fashion Decision: Flats or High Heels

What’s in trend with regard to shoes; flats or high heels? That’s the million dollar question! Parallel to all other situations, there are different paths for a woman to take hereon. Many women struggle to decide what to put on with certain outfits: flats or heels? Most of the time, girls go for flats, while ladies and adult women feel that a safer choice are heels, fashion-wise of course. Well, each of these has its own pros and cons; buckle up!
High Heels
It’s all about Priorities
Has it ever been about anything else anyways? If you prefer comfort over fashion and style, then flats is the way to go. However, flats aren’t bad at all fashion-wise. These days, flats come in all styles and designs, therefore one can actually complete an outfit with a magnificent pair of flats. If you want to add a touch of ‘relaxation’ to your footwear, then flats can accommodate these needs of yours. However, if you’re aiming for something elegant then heels are what you need. This does not mean that you should wear high heel when you’re running from meeting to meeting. Make sure you always feel comfortable with what you wear because fashion is all about how you wear it!
flat heels
The Outfit Counts
It’s better if you don’t walk around town in shorts and high heels. That’s why the outfit counts. Casual sportswear often entails wearing some kind of flats or sneakers. It’s natural this way. Moreover, the activities one is involved in, while wearing sportswear, often ask for a woman to be comfortable. This comfort is perfectly provided by flats. However, you better not go to a formal dinner in a designer dress and some flats. That’s a big no-no. This is why the outfit counts. A pair of elegant high heels is the perfect choice when dealing with formal dinners, meetings or cocktails. No matter how great and in trend flats have become, high heels are still sitting on the throne of fashion. Nothing looks as elegant and classy on a girl’s feet as a pair of well-designed high heels!

Best Choice for Footwear
Well there is no generic result that can be good for everyone. So make sure to know what you want and what looks good, be it flats or a nice pair of high heels. Ask your friends or family if you’re not sure what to pick one day. After all, life is just a sequence of choices and you definitely want to be making the right ones, especially the ones with regard to fashion.

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