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Jimmy Choo’s Bridal Collection


Jimmy Choo was already a faithful companion for brides-to-be, providing them with exquisite shoes model and purses, especially created for this unique occasion so much sought after by many women. Now the famous shoe maker has finally released his first collection entirely dedicated to marriage ceremonies – a line that seamlessly melds glamorous shoes, sandals and chic sequined sneakers for every taste.

Rock, traditional or offbeat, Jimmy Choo has created pieces for all types of brides, from the fun loving ones to the shy and more traditional ones, but who are all in love with beautiful things, stitching details and refined materials.

Vintage lace and silk satin, some pieces are embroidered with jewels and Swarovski crystals as a reminder of the finest creations that the brand has displayed on red carpets. Stilettos are dominant and there is a wide variety of models too choose from for those who want to play the star for one day. These perched delicate heels are combined with high platforms and intricate laces, but they can also be seen on classical open toe models.

However, the reputed fashion designer proved to have a deep understanding of the marriage market and of the future brides’ tastes. This is why, he has also thought about beach girls providing them with flat sandals adorned with Swarovski crystals.  Basketball shoes are also available for those women who want to play the role of a stylish, but non-conformist bride.

The shopping experience is also taken into consideration and the exclusive London boutique of the house offers, upon appointment, bridal rooms and parties accompanied by campaign. And, of course, because white is no longer the single chromatic theme chosen by future brides when it comes to their outfits, the prestigious brand offers re-coloring services in the tone picked by their selective and quality loving clients.


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