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The Brooch

2017 May 15
by cnapple

Brooches were left in obscurity for a few years in the history of fashion, but thanks to the latest trends and people trying to improve their outfits through various accessories, brooches are a key fashion item once again. They have been known since ancient times and one of the favorite decorative jewelry for a lot of important people, especially in the Victorian era, but their history is known from way back during the Bronze Age. Women used to wear them for both decorative and practical purposes, such as fastening a piece of clothing. Nowadays, brooches maintained their purpose and are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry.

There are many types of brooches, but the first thing you need to consider when choosing one is the size. You need to make sure that you have the right size brooch for the type of clothing you are wearing. If you are looking to make a fashion statement, or you want to follow a trend that involves large chunky pieces of jewelry, you are free to choose a bigger brooch. However, if you want to add your brooch to a simpler outfit or an elegant one, you should just go for something more subtle and perhaps less colorful. While we are on the subjects, you should remember that the color of your brooch has to match the rest of your outfit or it can be that beautiful colorful item on a very bland type of clothing.

There are also different styles to brooches, some will prefer more elegant vintage or antique styles, while other will like more futuristic models. There are also cute and playful styles, mostly suited for casual wear; never combine those styles with an office suit or something similar, it would look very wrong.

When it comes to the materials your brooch is made of you can choose from a variety of things. From metal brooches that are not made from any precious material, to gold or platinum brooches with diamonds and other fancy types of designs. It is up to you, and your budget, what you will choose to wear.

Brooches can be a really fun way to improve any dull outfit and make it look more original.

Reasons to Buy a Gold Watch

2017 April 9
by cnapple

There shouldn’t be a list with reasons why one needs to wear a golden watch, but if you plan on buying one or you are unsure what accessory would make you stand out, a gold watch is definitely the right option. A gold watch can be used as jewelry, especially for men, so it can be a versatile accessory whenever you want something precious on your wrist. If you are a woman, a gold watch that comes with precious stones and a lovely design will definitely look better than any bracelet you can buy.

 1 – It stands out everywhere

A gold watch will stand out in a club or in an elegant setting so it’s the perfect accessory for a man or a woman who wants one piece of accessory to wear all the time. It can become a signature accessory that you will always wear, especially if it remembers you of a certain moment in your life.

2 – Gold and rose gold brings out your tan

This may not mean much during cold season but you will certainly love to wear a gold watch during those summer days at the club or while wearing a beautiful elegant dress or suit. Not to mention the fact that you will have quite a classy approach to your outfit.

3 – It’s impressive and looks like you spend a lot of money

Corporate, leisure or club outfit, it doesn’t matter,  heads will be turned when you wear a gold watch, so it’s a good idea to buy this accessory as a status symbol. Not to mention the fact that a gold watch looks absolutely amazing on anybody.

4 – It’s durable

Gold is durable, that’s why people have been prizing it so much and bought it. It’s also expensive and makes you look like you want quality. A gold watch will never oxidize or rust like common metal watches. Also, if you have a common metal allergic reaction, gold is definitely for you.

5 – You can pass it from generation to generation

Want to start a family trend? You should definitely start it with a gold watch that you can give to your son and he can give to their son and so on. A gold watch will be durable enough to go for 20 generations, not to mention the fact that it is a great investment, especially if we are talking about a famous brand gold watch.

Watch Images from these stores: Rolex, Corona Watches, Tommy Hilfinger

Fashion Accessories For Bycicle

2016 August 29
by cnapple

If your bicycle is a part not only of your daily exercises, but also of your everyday life, you have to be always informed about new gadgets and fashion accessories for bicycle riders. No matter if you are planning a long bicycle trip across the country or you just would like to be well equipped, there are some not only useful, but also nice items you can have as a bicycle enthusiast.

Cycling clothes

  • Cycling clothes. No, these are not just nice elastic suits for cycling. The fashion high tech cycling clothes are illuminated! New materials with incorporated microscopic light reflectors are used for design of fashion vests, jackets and helmet covers. They make the body of the cyclists visible in the darkness on the same way the lights of the cars are making the road signs visible. During the day, when the light is enough, the cycling clothes have the look of regular stylish clothes. IllumiNITE® is one of the sport brands, which offer light reflecting cycling clothes and accesoires.
  • Cyclocomputer. This gadget for bicycle riders is a must if you would like to track out your everyday ridings and follow up the improvement of your cycling abilities. Many people confess that the cyclocomputer keeps their motivation for regular exercising. Actually, these “smart” accessories do everything you need: they show you the speed of the bicycle, time and distance travelled, average calories burnt, heart rate and many other characteristics of your training. If equipped with a GPS system, the cyclocomputer can show you the new routes and to store the old ones. Forget about paper maps and trust your new gadget!
  • Saddles. Though for many people saddles cannot sound very fashionable, actually the modern bicycles have stylish and high-tech “seats”. The new saddles are products of the up-to-date findings of the ergonomic design and make the riding safer and comfortable, regardless of the distance. There are special saddles for men, which support the tailbones and assure better ventilation of the groins. Women saddles have wider support on the back with decreased pressure of the cut-out on the female soft tissues.
  • Lights. They are so special fashion accessories for bicycle riders, that they can be placed everywhere. First, stylish lights stay on the top of the helmets. These headlights are extremely powerful as they can show you everything in the direction of your eyes. But this is not enough. On the second place you may install a high tech headlight on your handlebar, like the Cateye 220 model. An optical lens technology is used in this headlight, making it flash in the darkness. This way the bicycle is visible by the others means of transport, whilst the batteries are used slowly. On the contrary side of the technology is the K2 model of Nite Hawk: it emits steady light due to revolutionary microprocessor control. You may ride more than 4 hours in the darkness with the special battery of the headlight. The fashion gadget can be installed either on the bicycle handlebar or in the helmet.

Hipster Fashion Disaster

2016 July 30
by cnapple

Lindsay Lohan is known for being the child actor that went on the bad path of success. She has been arrested for possession of drugs for drinking and driving and has been always involved in some scandal. Besides making bad life decisions Lindsay Lohan would often come to events badly dressed and very drunk. The two aren’t mutually exclusive which can somehow justify her taste in clothes. Here she wanted to make sure that she looks a bit more like a hipster and a bit modern but really what she did in the end was to fail at fashion.


She was just released from the Rehab Center and she appeared in public wearing this. Although everybody is glad for her and hopes she will have a more balanced life we cannot miss the lack of taste when putting together this costume. The first thing that strikes is the blue flowery dress that looks like a dress my grandmother would wear. On its own, the dress could actually be cute for a French-Amelie style look, but paired up with a brown leather jacket it simply looks horrible. Such combinations of clothes should be illegal because they make our eyes hurt. Sure, she could have worn the dress on her own or the leather jacket on her own paired up with the boots but all those things put together scream desperation to look different.

But it doesn’t end here, she decides to throw in a bag that looks completely horrible and added to her outfit doesn’t bring anything good. Also, the fact that she decided to get under the knee socks in combination with a short dress and those terrible boots is probably a worse decision than deciding to take drugs.

She probably wanted to go for the hipster look but it wasn’t a great decision, especially since all the outfit pieces matched terribly together. Also, the problem is that transparent socks give you a more elegant look but when paired with boots that simply look horrific, you won’t get a great effect, actually you will get the worst thing in the world, which is probably this look.

Omega De Ville Prestige Watch

2016 June 27
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by cnapple

Omega De Ville Prestige watches catch your attention with their classic, stylish design. These timepieces are definitely a characteristic of pure luxury. The Omega De Ville Prestige collection is one of the most popular collections of this brand, each model being chiseled until perfection has been achieved. The true ladies will appreciate these timeless classics with a fine retro touch.

If you strive to be fashionable, the Omega De Ville Prestige 24.4mm Model 424. is an essential, yet functional, element of your outfit. Also, if you are an amateur of quartz watches, you have to take into consideration this model.


This Prestige watch is an everlasting masterpiece, especially because it is made out of stainless steel. The mother-of-pearl dial of the watch is divided into two areas. The Roman numeral hour indexes can be found at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions. The index hour markers and the numerals are polished with steel, so that they can be distinguished easily on the clock face. The dial is protected by a plain scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and is surrounded by a fixed bezel. As platform for the whole structure, formed of the dial and the bezel, serves a 24,4 mm diameter stainless steel round-shaped case mounted on a stainless steel bracelet. So, this watch will delight any woman who tends to wear smaller watches.

The bracelet closes with a push button folding clasp. It can be freely adjusted if you feel that it is needed, fitting a wrist of up to 6.5 inches. In comparison with other models, the Omega De Ville Prestige 24.4mm Model 424. has a solid case back and has no screw-in crown.

This Prestige watch functions due to the Omega calibre 1376, providing as precise as ever possible quartz moment with rhodium-plated finish. The battery life lasts 48 months. The wristwatch is water resistant to a relative pressure of 3 bars (30 meters/100 feet).

If you intend to purchase this model, then be sure you receive the two-year international warranty from the date of sale. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and battery replacement. But, take care. It does not cover scratches, crystal or glass damage, straps such as leather, fabric or rubber, damage due to wear and tear, damage resulting from wear under conditions overcoming the water resistant rating of the manufacturer, or damage due to physical shock and/or accidental abuse.

If you observed any damages on your wristwatch from the start, do not try to repair it by yourself, and do not give it for repairs to another source. All warranty repairs have to be handled by the manufacturer directly, otherwise you risk to remain with your problem unsolved. The manufacturer will replace the necessary parts or, in very rare circumstances, it will replace the watch. If you found yourself in the situation in which you have to use your warranty and return the watch to the manufacturer, do not forget to include a copy of your invoice and a detailed letter indicating the problem, the return address, contact phone numbers and email address.

Also, you should know about the crown positions of the watch. They are two in total. The normal position or the wearing position is when the crown is set against the case, so that the watch encloses its water-resistance feature. The second position is for time setting. Here we can mention that the watch has just hours and minutes hands, the clock face missing the seconds hand. If you want to set the time, pull the crown out to position 2 and turn it forwards or backwards. When you’re done, push the crown back to normal position.

How To Be Trendy With A Low Budget

2015 December 7
by cnapple

Being trendy is a challenge for most women and girls so having to manage looking amazing on a budget can turn out to be impossible. Don’t worry if you have to make a few cuts when it comes to fashion, with our tips you will look good with minimum money spent.

Hunt for discounts – this may be the most basic thing to do when it comes to shopping for clothes on a budget, but you would be surprised to know that a lot of women tend to forget about it. There are amazing discounts out there and you can always use coupons or shop with friends for more items in order to get some discount on the final sum. There are a lot of comparison websites that will tell you where is the cheapest item in that category so make sure that you use them.

low budget

Have you considered making your own clothes? Or at least your own accessories? There are so many magazines out there that teach you how to craft and you can become a designer yourself. Who knows? Maybe you will sell some of your crafts to your friends and make some money in the process. At least when it comes to accessories you don’t have to pay a fortune on a beaded necklace when you can make one yourself on 10% of the price.

You don’t have to buy expensive brands to be trendy. Nobody will be able to tell if your top is 10 or 100 dollars if you know how to accessorize it. So buy at department stores and even second hand stores, you will find a lot of things worth taking home. You will be surprised to see how much money you can save by doing only this.

Cargo Trousers – A Comfortable Way To Go About Your Day

2013 November 3
by cnapple

If you are searching for the perfect pair of pants that provides both stability and comfort, the cargo trousers should definitely be there on the top of your preferences. These pants are not elegant but they can be worn during every day activities and even during a hard workout. The main advantage when wearing them is the fact that they make you feel extremely comfortable.

Cargo trousers can be distinguished by their shape and the way they have pockets distributed all over. They have a large and comfortable shape with pockets on the sides, varying in style depending on how the pants are designed. Cargo trousers are widely worn by soldiers or people who do intense training or intense physical activity; this is why they are perfect for someone who wants to travel around the world or simply wants to go on long walks every day. The way they are designed allows the wearer to make a long range of movements without the material suffering wear and tear damage. You can buy cargo pants for both men and women at Old Navy


The name cargo pants or cargo trousers comes from the cargo pocket they have, a type of pocket that has increased capacity due to its design and it also has a secured way of closing. Some of the cargo pants can be created to have their pockets hidden in the material on the legs making them perfect for military troops.

When it comes to the history of this design people don’t know that they were first worn by British Armed forces in 1938 and later introduced in the US. The comfort level and practicability of these pants made them perfect for war. Also, if they were somehow destroyed they were easily fixed by the wearer without compromising the quality. Soon they became fashion items as they were extremely popular in the 90’s. There are also certain variations to cargo pants for example cargo shorts, which are even more comfortable during warmer seasons and a great item to wear during outdoor activities.

Fedoras Can Be A Loud But Good Statement

2013 October 11
by cnapple

Fedoras have been reintroduced in casual wear in the last couple of years. A move that was seen fantastically bold at first may be a bit overplayed now, overplayed that is, if you don’t know how to correctly choose the right type of hat for your face type and the altogether look before you wear one.

To start with, the name, fedora is used to describe a great deal of hats, like the homburg, the porkpie, or even the bowler. These are all different hats that might look different on people because of their dimensions.

The fedora, when worn correctly can be the very definition of cool and sheik in both men and women. It goes perfectly with the geeky style of today, and will bring an air of freshness and boldness to your look. It is a very urban look, so don’t think that you’ll look like your grandpa.


When it grew in popularity it also became more diverse, so there is a host of models, colors, patterns, and materials to choose from. It can go for a classy event, but people tend to wear them casually, when they go out or to a party or social event.

The best part of wearing a fedora is that it can really improve your look. Say you have a round and small face, a slightly higher fedora, will make you look thinner and taller, while giving you an air of an urban fashionista.

The most looked for models are the ones with short brims, of 1.5 inches or less, however, people shouldn’t ignore the larger brim ones, especially guys as it can give a classier look, and fit your face type better, while keeping you cooler.

While they come in a great deal of colors and types, the best place to buy a cool fedora online is where you can choose from a great deal of models to fit your head perfectly.

The other great thing about fedoras is that they are perfect for summer wear. If you choose a fedora that is made from natural, breathable materials like coconut skin, cotton, linen or straw, it will keep you cool in those hot summer days, while making you look fantastic.

Jewelry Pieces that Transform Your Look

2013 September 14
by cnapple

The main purpose of a piece of jewerly is to transform you and your outfit into something better looking; if a jewelry fails to do so, it fails its purpose as a jewelry. There are certain jewelry designs and certain precious stones and metals that will completely transform you and give that glamorous touch your outfit needs. Here is a list with what you need to look for when you simply want to be amazing.

Gold jewelry – Gold jewelry in yellow and rose color will do wonders with a beautiful tanned skin; this type of jewelry works great for people with darker skin because it will bring out their natural color. Also, if you have blue or green eyes, gold in yellow and rose will always make them stand out.

Silver, platinum and white gold – these types of metal will work absolutely wonderful for a person with whiter skin, especially somebody with a blue undertone. Also, they work amazing for people with black skin with blue and red undertones as they make their features pop. Silver, platinum and white gold look basically the same but they come in different tones and also quite different durability. For example, silver is white grey while platinum is more white.  Also, silver can be quite soft while platinum is an extremely durable metal. The same differences apply when it comes to white gold and platinum, as the former is much denser and much whiter in comparison.


When it comes to gemstones there are many variations; you can choose semi-precious or precious gemstones. The precious gemstones that are most popular are: diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. However, it seems that the semi-precious gemstones are surely making a comeback, especially when it comes to opal, turquoise, jade, or coral. These make great fashion accessories and can come in various colors, so there are many choices. You can choose each gemstone that you want to wear after your birthstone or you can simply choose whatever makes you feel more beautiful.

Design is also extremely important when it comes to jewelry. A glamorous big necklace is not suited for petite figures as a small necklace is not suited for bigger figures.  Some designs can definitely transform the wearer, for example a long necklace will make them appear longer while a chocker necklace will make them look shorter and also make their neck shorter. Gemstone-Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry and Watches

2013 July 5
by cnapple

With this whole “Do It Yourself” movement there are quite a lot of people who choose to create their own jewelry or choose to buy jewelry that is one of a kind. Handmade jewelry has that potential as many artists are choosing to create one unique piece of jewelry than a series of the same piece, so that their customers feel more unique when they are wearing their products.

This means that handmade jewelry is becoming extremely popular and although it is handmade, it can be done from a wide range of materials. This also includes handmade watches that are beautifully crafted by talented people who choose to spend time to create a work of art rather than just an accessory.

If a piece of jewelry is handmade that doesn’t seem that it is less durable or with lower high quality but quite the opposite in most cases. Handmade jewelry can be made from materials like precious metals, fabrics, polymer clay, ceramics or traditional precious stones and beads. Artists usually create their pieces in a few days, which usually leads to higher prices compared to series jewelry prices. However, when it comes to bigger pieces or those that are made from precious metals and stones people can actually get a better price for jewelry than those that make them in series.

When it comes to handmade watches, the maker can either make their own parts or have them bought from a supplier; but the design of the watch and assembling the parts is made by hand. These watches have great value on the market, especially if they are made with precious stones and are usually very precise. Also, the great thing about them is that they can be carved with a message or they can feature a design that the client asks for, making them very unique and easy to personalize. With a handmade watch, you can easily express yourself and make sure that you stand out while wearing something one of a kind.

handmade watches

Both watches and jewelry that are handmade usually take a lot to be made and most of the artists prefer to create ready to make pieces because clients usually ask for modifications. Buying handmade means that you promote creativity and people who want to create something unique and it can be a wonderful way to increase the number of your jewelry or watches without spending too much and by adding a lot of unique pieces.