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Cargo Trousers – A Comfortable Way To Go About Your Day


If you are searching for the perfect pair of pants that provides both stability and comfort, the cargo trousers should definitely be there on the top of your preferences. These pants are not elegant but they can be worn during every day activities and even during a hard workout. The main advantage when wearing them is the fact that they make you feel extremely comfortable.

Cargo trousers can be distinguished by their shape and the way they have pockets distributed all over. They have a large and comfortable shape with pockets on the sides, varying in style depending on how the pants are designed. Cargo trousers are widely worn by soldiers or people who do intense training or intense physical activity; this is why they are perfect for someone who wants to travel around the world or simply wants to go on long walks every day. The way they are designed allows the wearer to make a long range of movements without the material suffering wear and tear damage. You can buy cargo pants for both men and women at Old Navy


The name cargo pants or cargo trousers comes from the cargo pocket they have, a type of pocket that has increased capacity due to its design and it also has a secured way of closing. Some of the cargo pants can be created to have their pockets hidden in the material on the legs making them perfect for military troops.

When it comes to the history of this design people don’t know that they were first worn by British Armed forces in 1938 and later introduced in the US. The comfort level and practicability of these pants made them perfect for war. Also, if they were somehow destroyed they were easily fixed by the wearer without compromising the quality. Soon they became fashion items as they were extremely popular in the 90’s. There are also certain variations to cargo pants for example cargo shorts, which are even more comfortable during warmer seasons and a great item to wear during outdoor activities.

Fedoras Can Be A Loud But Good Statement


Fedoras have been reintroduced in casual wear in the last couple of years. A move that was seen fantastically bold at first may be a bit overplayed now, overplayed that is, if you don’t know how to correctly choose the right type of hat for your face type and the altogether look before you wear one.

To start with, the name, fedora is used to describe a great deal of hats, like the homburg, the porkpie, or even the bowler. These are all different hats that might look different on people because of their dimensions.

The fedora, when worn correctly can be the very definition of cool and sheik in both men and women. It goes perfectly with the geeky style of today, and will bring an air of freshness and boldness to your look. It is a very urban look, so don’t think that you’ll look like your grandpa.


When it grew in popularity it also became more diverse, so there is a host of models, colors, patterns, and materials to choose from. It can go for a classy event, but people tend to wear them casually, when they go out or to a party or social event.

The best part of wearing a fedora is that it can really improve your look. Say you have a round and small face, a slightly higher fedora, will make you look thinner and taller, while giving you an air of an urban fashionista.

The most looked for models are the ones with short brims, of 1.5 inches or less, however, people shouldn’t ignore the larger brim ones, especially guys as it can give a classier look, and fit your face type better, while keeping you cooler.

While they come in a great deal of colors and types, the best place to buy a cool fedora online is where you can choose from a great deal of models to fit your head perfectly.

The other great thing about fedoras is that they are perfect for summer wear. If you choose a fedora that is made from natural, breathable materials like coconut skin, cotton, linen or straw, it will keep you cool in those hot summer days, while making you look fantastic.

Jewelry Pieces that Transform Your Look


The main purpose of a piece of jewerly is to transform you and your outfit into something better looking; if a jewelry fails to do so, it fails its purpose as a jewelry. There are certain jewelry designs and certain precious stones and metals that will completely transform you and give that glamorous touch your outfit needs. Here is a list with what you need to look for when you simply want to be amazing.

Gold jewelry – Gold jewelry in yellow and rose color will do wonders with a beautiful tanned skin; this type of jewelry works great for people with darker skin because it will bring out their natural color. Also, if you have blue or green eyes, gold in yellow and rose will always make them stand out.

Silver, platinum and white gold – these types of metal will work absolutely wonderful for a person with whiter skin, especially somebody with a blue undertone. Also, they work amazing for people with black skin with blue and red undertones as they make their features pop. Silver, platinum and white gold look basically the same but they come in different tones and also quite different durability. For example, silver is white grey while platinum is more white.  Also, silver can be quite soft while platinum is an extremely durable metal. The same differences apply when it comes to white gold and platinum, as the former is much denser and much whiter in comparison.


When it comes to gemstones there are many variations; you can choose semi-precious or precious gemstones. The precious gemstones that are most popular are: diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. However, it seems that the semi-precious gemstones are surely making a comeback, especially when it comes to opal, turquoise, jade, or coral. These make great fashion accessories and can come in various colors, so there are many choices. You can choose each gemstone that you want to wear after your birthstone or you can simply choose whatever makes you feel more beautiful.

Design is also extremely important when it comes to jewelry. A glamorous big necklace is not suited for petite figures as a small necklace is not suited for bigger figures.  Some designs can definitely transform the wearer, for example a long necklace will make them appear longer while a chocker necklace will make them look shorter and also make their neck shorter. Gemstone-Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry and Watches


With this whole “Do It Yourself” movement there are quite a lot of people who choose to create their own jewelry or choose to buy jewelry that is one of a kind. Handmade jewelry has that potential as many artists are choosing to create one unique piece of jewelry than a series of the same piece, so that their customers feel more unique when they are wearing their products.

This means that handmade jewelry is becoming extremely popular and although it is handmade, it can be done from a wide range of materials. This also includes handmade watches that are beautifully crafted by talented people who choose to spend time to create a work of art rather than just an accessory.

If a piece of jewelry is handmade that doesn’t seem that it is less durable or with lower high quality but quite the opposite in most cases. Handmade jewelry can be made from materials like precious metals, fabrics, polymer clay, ceramics or traditional precious stones and beads. Artists usually create their pieces in a few days, which usually leads to higher prices compared to series jewelry prices. However, when it comes to bigger pieces or those that are made from precious metals and stones people can actually get a better price for jewelry than those that make them in series.

When it comes to handmade watches, the maker can either make their own parts or have them bought from a supplier; but the design of the watch and assembling the parts is made by hand. These watches have great value on the market, especially if they are made with precious stones and are usually very precise. Also, the great thing about them is that they can be carved with a message or they can feature a design that the client asks for, making them very unique and easy to personalize. With a handmade watch, you can easily express yourself and make sure that you stand out while wearing something one of a kind.

handmade watches

Both watches and jewelry that are handmade usually take a lot to be made and most of the artists prefer to create ready to make pieces because clients usually ask for modifications. Buying handmade means that you promote creativity and people who want to create something unique and it can be a wonderful way to increase the number of your jewelry or watches without spending too much and by adding a lot of unique pieces.

Must Have Expensive Fashion Items


Some fashion items are simply expensive because of the materials they are made or the prestige they gathered throughout the years. Whether you are a grown woman or a young woman, you definitely crave for the following items. Here is a list of some of the most expensive fashion items women should try to get during their lifetime.

Diamonds jewelry items

Diamonds – women always had a fascination for diamonds, whether it is because they look stunning or it’s just the fact that they are pricey, one thing is for sure: you can steal a woman’s heart with a pair of diamond earrings. If diamonds are some of your favorite rocks, you should manage and get at least a diamond ring or have someone buy you one, perhaps as a wedding gift. They are right when they say that diamonds are forever because you will love them forever.

Pearls jewlery items

Pearls – pearls, just like diamonds, are some of the most wanted types of precious rocks for jewelry. Some consider pearls to be more beautiful than diamonds as they can give certain elegance to the wearer that is somehow of royal nature. Whether you agree or not with the last affirmation, one thing is certain: pearls are definitely beautiful and they work really well with any type of dress, especially classic cut dresses.

fur coat

Fur Coats – Fur coats have been the subjects of long debates between those who support animal rights and those who like fur too much. Whether a coat is made out of natural fur or not doesn’t really matter, a fur coat itself expresses opulence and extreme elegance, especially paired up with one of the items above. If you want to look really sophisticated, a fur coat is probably your safest bet.

Crystal Clutch Handbag

Crystal Clutch Handbag – Whether those crystals are Swarovski or they are just simple crystals, the crystal clutch handbag looks absolutely beautiful and it can really spice up any elegant outfit. It can be worn for cocktail or formal events and you can match it with any type of shoes that are elegant. It has become a fashion item that shouldn’t miss from a woman’s wardrobe so if you can’t obtain the items above, you should at least get a crystal clutch handbag.

Timeless Fashion Item –The Black Pencil Skirt


If you are looking for cool ways to improve your formal wear style, the pencil skirt is not only a great addition, but also a must have. Pencil skirts have always been the epitomes of elegance, especially when it comes to formal office wear as a woman can never go wrong with a blazer and a pencil skirt in terms of style and fashion. However, there are many ways to wear a pencil skirt and combine it with various materials that will enhance your look even more. Here are some tips that will make this fashion item a top fashion item in your wardrobe.

The first cool feature when it comes to wearing pencil skirts is the fact that they give you a great advantage in terms of look despite your body shape. Women who are a bit larger can go for a longer suit if they want to hide their waist. Those who have no problem showing their body can wear any type of pencil skirt they want in any combination. If you have an hourglass figure, this skirt combined with a cool blazer will accentuate your hips and make you even more feminine so you should definitely buy one just to have it around.

Black Pencil Skirt

When it comes to shoes, a pencil skirt can be worn with almost anything, but you should remember that the ultimate elegant look is only obtained with high heels. This way you will put even more emphasis on your legs and look even more amazing.

If you are looking to stand out but not necessarily wanting to obtain a formal look you can always opt for a leather pencil skirt. This is one of the most amazing skirts created and it definitely complements your shape. Don’t hesitate to wear it with a casual top during a club night or a party, you will surely stand out and people will absolutely love it.

This fashion items is definitely a timeless one and a piece that should always be part of any woman’s wardrobe. If you want to make sure that you have something for any occasion you don’t have to stick to a black pencil skirt, you can opt for other colors too.

How To Maintain Your Accessories In The Best Condition


Whether we are talking about that beautiful diamond ring your grandmother left you or we talk about the new watch you just bought, taking care of the accessories you own is important if you want them to last longer and look new. Here are some of the methods you can use to make sure that you take care of your blings the proper way.

Chemical agents and sweat are the biggest enemies when it comes to your fashion jewelry, especially when they are not made of precious metals and risk oxidizing. You need to make sure that you wipe them with a clean cloth after wearing them to remove all oils or sweat that may damage the material. To clean them thoroughly you shouldn’t wash them with water, use alcohol, and dry them afterwards.


When it comes to gemstones, especially high end gemstones like diamonds or sapphires, you need to take extra care of them. They are quite durable but may deteriorate if exposed to certain chemicals, so avoid that. When it comes to the organic gems such as coral, pearls or amber, there is no need to wash them as they will absorb water because they are porous. You can wipe them with a damp cloth and then wipe them with a dry cloth for shine. Avoid putting any detergent on them, because they will deteriorate. Also, if you are wearing opals you should make sure that you don’t expose it to sunlight too much.

Storing your jewelry is as important as keeping it away from water, sunlight or chemicals, because it is the main way your jewelry can get tarnished. Instead of putting them all in a box make sure that they are away from each other; for example, you should store them in separate small boxes or in fabric such as cotton. This way you can keep them dry and avoid tarnishing.

Avoid jewelry cleaner on jewelry that is not made with precious metals or stones, because it may damage the metal. Also, extreme temperatures can also damage jewelry so be careful with that if you want them to last longer and maintain their color.

It is also obvious that you should make sure that your jewelry doesn’t break with impact because even the hardest stones such as sapphire or emerald can break if there is enough impact. Also, silver has a tendency to bend being a softer metal, so be extra careful with that.

Choosing Your Ideal Watch


What could be classier than wearing the right watch for the right occasion or what could be a better gift than the perfect watch? If you want to find a great women’s watch to wear or you want to buy that special women in your life a great watch here are some things you might want to know before going through with the purchase.

  1. Know the occasion or the type of watch you want to buy. It may be a luxury watch for the formal parties and or elegant social events, it could be a casual watch you can wear to work every day  or it can even be a sports watch to wear when working out or going on a jog.
  2. Have an idea of the style of clothing the person you’re buying the watch has. Some watches can be very simple and with a classic design while others can have a modernist design or even a retro old school one.
  3. Make it age appropriate.  Buy a more classically designed watch for the career or business women while for a young or teen women you can try a modern watch.
  4. Think of the material of the watch. Some women might love a metal or precious metal watch while other might want a futuristic plastic, rubber or silicone one. Think of other jewelry that person might poses and try to stay within those boundaries.
  5. Think of the band. It should always be adjustable and comfortable. Bands come in all shapes and colors; some might want a classic leather band while others would want a funky rubber one. Think of the character of the person you’re buying the watch for when taking this decision.
  6. Jewelry isn’t always a good idea. Sure a jewel studded watch could be a classic and impressive gift but some women prefer functionality and comfort ability over elegance.
  7. Have a budget in mind. This goes for every watch purchase but knowing how much money you can spend will give you a good idea about the brand of the watch you’re going to buy.
  8. Do the research. Know what kind of watch you’re buying. Try to find out about the quality of the mechanism not just the way your watch looks, try to seek a second opinion some reviews maybe even an experts opinion.

Find out if she is allergic to a certain type of material. Before buying a watch try to find out if the person you’re buying the watch for has any type of metal allergies, or allergies to the belt materials, like leather or rubber.

Men Essential Fashion Items


As it is for women, men should also have a guide for fashion items that they need no matter how they usually wear. There are some events in a man’s life when they simply need to wear a certain thing or attend an event where there is a dress code.

A white shirt – whether you are going for an interview or just going to college to present your latest paper, the white shirt never fails. Actually, no other shirt color is as good as the white shirt, it’s simple and it says that you are classy. Make sure that the shirt fits you and you get it from a store where they know what they are doing. Also, spending a bit more on the shirt is great as you will be able to get something that is high quality and probably wear it for a longer time. If you don’t like white, a classic choice is also a blue or a gray shirt.


A suit – Getting a suit can be tricky, but it has to be done at one point in a man’s life. The recommended way is to go to a tailor and make sure that you buy something that fits you well; there’s nothing more terrible than a man who wears a suit that doesn’t look good on them because it’s too large or too tight. Don’t go overboard by getting one of the trendy suits available, especially if you don’t wear suits every day. You need something that will work well with formal events so stay with the classic cut.


A good pair of shoes – a good pair of natural leather shoes is the best thing when attending formal events. Make sure that they fit, because shoes can hurt like crazy if they don’t fit and you wear them for a few hours.

men shoes

An elegant tie – What other accessory one needs to combine with the fashion items presented above? A good tie. Actually, make sure that is a classic looking tie, don’t go for cartoon ties or images, because those are not what people would expect you to wear during a formal event.

Fashion Accesories For Plus Size Women


When it comes to plus size women, all women know what they need to avoid or what they need to add to their outfit to make sure that they enhance their look. However, there are some women who completely overlook the way accessories have an impact on their outfit. Here is a guide with the best fashion items that will accessorize your look well but will also help you look thinner, starting from head to toes.

Fashion Accesories For Plus Size Women


If you have a round face you should always wear long earrings. These earrings not only look extremely elegant, but they also make your face longer. Another thing that you need to do is add an accessory to your hair and keep it up to elongate your face. This style shows people your beautiful face and makes it look a little slimmer than when having your hair down.


The right accessories that will not only elongate your body but also look amazing are usually longer accessories. A lot pearl necklace is the right option but you can also choose to have a simple necklace with a long design on it. This makes a perfect combination with an elegant blouse that has a v-line neck and shoes some cleavage. Make sure that you avoid really small accessories or even large accessories, as you don’t want to go overboard and attract attention too much on that area. You should also make sure that you choose colors for your accessories that stand out and are different from the colors that you choose for your clothes, this way you will attract the attention to your accessories more, than your body, and you will end up looking thinner.


Avoid wearing big rings or really big bracelets. Stick to medium sized ones and make sure that they aren’t too tight; you don’t want to give the impression that they don’t fit you. Also, don’t exaggerate with the amount of earrings or bracelets you wear, despite being plus size or small size that is a fashion disaster.


When it comes to legs the best fashion items are high heeled shoes. They make your legs longer and ultimately make them look thinner so they are a must have.