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Gift Guide To Women’s Watches

2013 January 19
by cnapple

So you decided to get your female friend or lover a nice looking watch for her birthday ? There are some things that you need to know before buying her a watch if you don’t want to spend money on something she will end up hating.

If you want something that would definitely impress her you can always buy something really expensive like watches from brands like Omega, Rolex, Breitling, IWC, but even with one of those watches you might end up making a bad decision.

1308.35 Constellation


When it comes to the size of the watch you are going to buy, you definitely need to make sure that it would fit the woman who will wear it. If you are unsure of her wrist size, you can buy a medium size watch that would work great on both small wrists and big wrists.


The style completely depends on her personality but it’s best to choose something simple when you don’t really know what she wants. If you think that just because she is a woman she will love jewelry watches or very shiny watches, you are wrong. A lot of women prefer a simple watch because it’s more comfortable to wear and they can combine it with any type of outfit they want. Simple designs are the key but make sure that they don’t look to masculine and they still have some nice decorations that makes them stand out in a crowd, because in the end that’s what a watch should do, complement an outfit.


If you are looking for something unique, try not to choose a weird color. If the watch is made of metal, silver or black should be the right colors even for women. Never go overboard and choose a green watch just because you think she wants something unusual, she might never wear that unusual watch you bought.


Women aren’t that interested in the features a watch has so you can skip this part. However, if she is a watch connoisseur, you might want to ask her more details about the watches she likes before buying her one.

Fashion Items That Work Well With Your Curves

2012 December 24
by cnapple

Forget about what the fashion magazines say about women’s shape, an hourglass figure is the best shape possible and you will have to get some cool fashion items to make yourself even sexier. Here are some of the things that should always be in your wardrobe.

Bra – a good bra is always the best fashion item any curvy woman needs. If your breast area is larger you will be able to show a lot of cleavage, but you have to make sure that you have a good bra. This fashion item is essential and you need to make sure that you have at least one that has a lighter color and one with a darker color so that you can switch them according to your clothes. Make sure that you go to a high quality store that sells lingerie and get something that is durable.

Jacket – a jacket is a curvy woman’s best friend, it doesn’t hide her curves it just enhances them. If you have an hourglass shaped figure, you will look absolutely amazing in jackets. Get two or more in various colors so that you can switch them according to your outfit and needs as this is definitely one of the number one fashion items you will need.  Also, don’t get a long jacket, which will just cover your beautiful curves, make sure that you have shorter ones and you will be absolutely amazing.

A cleavage showing dress in two colors– this is the perfect fashion item you would want to wear when you really want to impress. The dress shows your cleavage and makes you look amazing when it’s in two pieces. The great thing about this is the fact that you can use the lighter half on the part of your body you want to enhance, like your cleaver for example, and the darker half on the part that you want to make smaller. This makes an amazing combination and you will surely look absolutely stunning.

Heels – don’t forget stilettos as they are the fashion items that will make your feet look elongated and more amazing, so you need to keep a pair of those around.

Collection of Furla Bags

2012 November 30
by cnapple


A philosopher once said that our eyes see beauty in changing forms. If we follow this logic, the fall/winter 2012 – 2013 collection of Furla bags, presented on the 24th of February in Milan is nothing but a display of classic beauty. There are only a few designers who can achieve that much and who are able to bring together so many different images in a single collection.

Let’s take, for instance, the fur bags. Who said that this fabric can be used solely for oversized bags? The Italian designers certainly proved it wrong. Trapezoid shaped shoulder bags, clutches and mini messenger bags can also be made of fur. Who said that fur must necessarily be short and gray? With this year’s collection of Furla bags, a few irregular brown spots on white cow fur go perfectly with the color of the strap leather and long haired sheep fur can visually change the design of a bag.


Medium sized messenger bags equipped with a chain are a tribute to retro style that is revived not only by the form, but also by the chromatic tones reminiscent of the 80s fashion. The same classical design with which the Italian designers have accustomed their clients characterizes this collection, but there are all sorts of shapes and especially, a variety of colors. A trapezoid bag made of brown leather is adorned with matching reptile skin stripes and equipped with a short metal chain. Gray shades are skillfully combined with brown stripes and a golden clasp. A leather bag bearing a dark burgundy color is equipped with a string of metal chain inserted in the thin leather strap.

The Bon Bon line certainly made the headlight of this unconventional fashion parade where the models – all dressed the same (white leggings and silver ballet flats) – were walking on a totally white catwalk and had their faces concealed by a white curtain. Although the Bon Bon bags are a little nostalgic, they blend perfectly with contemporary trends. Moreover, they are functional, elegant and they bring an explosion of colors: brilliant yellow, vivid orange, lipstick red, neon green and, of course, the troubling purple.

However, if you want to buy a Furla bag without a solid clasp, which is specific for the Italian brand, you should pay attention to Piper Furla, which is, by no means similar to the other models of the brand: the small catch of the bag is made of dark steel; the beige color of the bag is fairly simple, but nevertheless elegant. Piper is a must-have accessory for a real lady.

The laconic style and casual functionality (specific for the brand) were embodied in the queen of this collection – “Furla and I”.  This minimalist medium-sized bag adorned with rivets and zippers was offered in the exceptional Furla shop on Corso Vittorio Emanuele from 24 to 29 February 2012 (during Milan Fashion Week). Very trendy, but also extremely practical, it illustrates the brand’s taste for simplicity, casual elegance and clean lines.


Affordable Fashion Watches

2012 November 3
by cnapple

If you are looking for a watch that looks good but it’s also affordable, some of the latest designs can give us hope in terms of buying a new watch that doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket. You can buy a fashion watch with just a few dollars and this is what we are aiming for in this article. Here are some of the best choices, they may not have amazing mechanisms but they sure look good.

The Spur Watch by NIXON – this is definitely a fashionable watch and for only 300 dollars you can have it. It comes in a beautiful gold color that will definitely show opulence. It has Japanese movement, it is 6.5 cm or 2.5 inch in diameter and the dial is 1.75 inch or 4.5 cm wide. NIXON custom builds accessories for a selected array of people, so you can impress your friends with this cool watch.

Burberry – The cool 40 mm rose gold plated watch with leather strap from Burberry can definitely complete your outfit and make you look more glamour than ever. For about 500 dollars you can get this Swiss Made watch that comes with a water resistant case at 30 meters and a two year warranty. The case is about 40 mm with a sunray dial and two hand movement.

Tommy Hilfiger – this black silicone Strap Watch with Rose Gold case is the perfect addition to your casual outfit. It works great for a modern person who wants a bit of elegance in their life. It has a 38 mm case with a three hand quartz movement and rose gold plated stainless steel. You can get it for a bit over 100 dollars so it’s definitely an affordable watch.

Timex Andros Watch – this beautiful watch was done to respect both high quality mechanism and high fashion trends. It comes in a Stainless steel case with a Navy Nylon strap with a Quartz analog movement that has a functioning bezel. It has a day and date display with 100 m water resistance. The good thing is that it only costs about 175-200 dollars so anybody will be able to afford it.

The Coats of the Moment

2012 October 26
by cnapple

This year’s must-have winter warmers

It’s time to say goodbye to summer, and look ahead to restocking our wardrobes for winter. If there’s one essential item that you need to update, it’s the coat. The perfect one piece for wrapping up against the cold, as well as transforming your look in one fell swoop, this year’s coats are bigger and bolder than ever. From voluminous fabrics to in-your-face textures and prints, our pick of the latest trends will have you warmed up in style.

Faux fur flourishes

The Fashion Week runways were filled with fur. From eyecatching dyed fur in bold, bright and zany shades over at Moschino. The bolder the better, in terms of colour, with patchwork fur and dip dying both making a comeback. Fur was also used to great effect as an accent on shoulders, cuffs and collars, with fur shoulders creating a striking contrast on floaty, feminine dresses. It’s a really easy trend to work into your winter wardrobe, perfect for keeping warm. Look out for faux fur collars and cuffs, as exemplified by this Ribbon dolly coat from BANK.


The mixing-up of texture played a key part on the runways for autumn and fall. Designers mixed and matched luxurious fabrics to great effect. Corduroy with suede, leather against velvet, it’s all about creating contrast. Look out for coats in tactile fabrics, like fuzzy wool, suede and velvet, all easily teamed with contrasting trousers, skirts and scarves. Or opt for a coat that does the mix-and-match for you, like this longline blazer from Red or Dead that contrasts straight-laced with edgy leather look.


The brocade trend was spotted all over the Fashion Week catwalks this year, and it’s the perfect match for the thicker, richer fabrics of autumn and winter. Heavy, intricate embroidery is used to create embossed patterns that catch the eye. It’s a centuries-old technique that designers this year gave some very modern twists. While Dolce and Gabbana kept the look regal in stately black and gold, elsewhere the brocade technique was applied in a wash of modern colour and fresh new floral patterns. Balmain, Marni and Marchesa all looked to the east for inspiration to give us an oriental take on the trend. Whichever way you choose to wear it, if you’re looking for a bold pattern coat this autumn and winter, make it brocade.


This year’s coats have upscaled. Large, sweeping cuts and voluminous fabrics filled the A/W runways, creating a strong, modern edge. The dramatic Rick Owens coat is a perfect example, also tying in the contrasting texture trend. Cocoon shapes are big news, and a great way to wrap up against the winter cold while retaining a look that’s as chic and boldly feminine as it gets. Team with skinny trousers and jeans to create contrast, or create a stronger look by teaming with equally voluminous full skirts and dresses. Whether you’re looking for blazer styles, trenches, or wrapovers this winter, go oversize for a more glamorous take on these classic coats.

Ace & Jig – The colors of youth

2012 October 16
by cnapple

If you are looking for the newest fashion designers you surely need to check out the cool Ace & Jig. These girls not only manage to combine old with new but they also have a lot of creativity on their hands and manage to make great clothes. Their latest clothing line is extremely colorful and it’s inspired fromIndia. They both went and shopped there for fabrics and various lines that they can use in their new collection. But before talking about their great collection we should first find out who these new and hot designers are.

Ace & Jig is composed of Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson who were both fashion designer interns in New York. They met ten years ago and they both became friends being bonded by their passion for textile art. Their first designs were for Language inNew Yorkand after that they launched LaROK so they were pretty familiar with the fashion world when they created Ace & Jig. After a short break when they both had a baby, they started collaborating again and created Ace& Jig. Their friendship is strong and they had similar lives, they both gave birth almost the same time, they both got married at almost the same time and that bonded them more than anything.

Nowadays they both live in Brooklyn and they are working for their company named after their firstborns: Alice and James.

Their clothes can be described as fresh and multicolored so if you are into that style you will absolutely love them. Actually, the trend this summer and spring was much more like most of their clothes so if you got your hands on one of their pieces you probably were extremely fashionable. They also have some classical looking pieces made with elegant colors such as grey, black and red with a bit of vintage feel to them, for those of you who really enjoy that look.

If you ever want to stand out and not pay a fortune on your clothes the new brand Ace & Jig is definitely the option for you with its new and unique feel.

Accessorize Yourself From Head To Toe

2012 October 1
by cnapple

Accessorizing is extremely important but people tend to forget that some fashion items can completely destroy an outfit as well as completely save it. However, there are ways to keep your accessories good and avoid making any mistakes. Here are some of the most important fashion items that will accessorize you beautifully from head to toe.

Head and neck:

If you haven’t done it already, you should try some hats. A lot of women avoid it because they think it’s an old Victorian thing or something similar, but there’s nothing more feminine than a woman wearing a hat. A hat is great during warmer seasons and it will also protect you from sun. Also, don’t forget about your neck: use beads, scarfs, pearls and even ties.

Hands and arms

Besides bracelets, there are other accessories that will make your hands look amazing. Women have completely forgotten about gloves and they should start wearing them more, whether for casual outfits or elegant outfits. Also, don’t forget ribbons, colorful bracelets and everything that would make your hands looks more feminine and prettier. This year is all about showing your femininity.


Handbags, leather or fabric belts that work well with both tops and dresses, corsets, etc. – these are all just a few of the fashion items that could make your outfit look absolutely amazing. Just make sure that you combine the colors well and you don’t use too many accessories, you don’t want to look weird as an end result.

Legs and feet

Socks and various models of colorful stockings, these are always great to combine with your outfit to make it stand out more. Also, let’s not forget boots, sandals, heels and all those other accessories that will completely change the way you look. You should always make sure that you feel comfortable wearing any of those, otherwise they are pretty useless.

You should avoid wearing ostentatious accessories, or avoid wearing too many if you already wear something that is pretty big, because that might ruin your outfit and make you look like you are trying too much. Other than that, accessorizing it’s always a fun way to change an outfit.

The Surprising History of Contact Lenses

2012 September 20
by cnapple

Contact lenses have been with us for longer than you might think. Throughout history their design has been tweaked and revamped again and again, to bring us the high-tech, flexible, comfortable, lenses we wear today. They’re easier than ever to purchase too, thanks to sites like LensWay where you can order your prescription and have them delivered straight to your door. But lenses weren’t always this accessible, or wearable.

Believe it or not, the credit for first coming up with the idea of contact lenses goes to the Italian inventor, artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci! He first made sketches of a contact lens-style idea in his Codex of the Eye, Manual D, all the way back in 1508. However, his experiments in altering the eye’s corneal power by submerging it in water were less to do with inventing the contact lens, and more to do with his interest in studying the mechanisms of the eye itself.

The next great mind to come up with a contact lens-style innovation was the mathematician René Descartes. In 1636, he proposed a glass tube contraption, filled with liquid, which would be placed in direct contact with the cornea. The protruding end was to be composed of clear glass, shaped to correct vision. There was a major stumbling block to overcome here however, in that the tube made it physically impossible to blink!

Real progress didn’t emerge until the 19th century. In 1827, English astronomer Sir John Herschel came up with the idea of making a mould of the wearer’s eyes so that contact lenses could be made to conform perfectly to the eye’s surface. However, we would have to wait 60 years for this idea to be put into practical use.

In 1887, German glassblower F.A. Muller used Herschel’s ideas to create the first known glass contact lens. Then in Paris, the Swiss physician A.E. Fick and French optician Edouard Kalt actually fitted the first glass contact lenses to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness.

These 19th century lenses were incredibly heavy, and large too, covering the entire front surface of the eye. Their weight and size meant that they could only be worn for a few hours at most.

All of this changed with the new century, as the discovery of hard plastics made it possible to reduce the contact lens in scale. In 1948, California optician Kevin Tuohy began manufacturing the first contact lenses to be made completely out of plastic.

From the 1950s onwards, hard plastic contact lenses were gradually made smaller and thinner, going on to become the same hard lens designs that are still in use today.

Soft lenses were much harder to create, with designers struggling to construct lenses that were soft, yet comfortable to wear. Credit here goes to the Czechoslovakian chemist Otto Wichterle who, in the 1950s, experimented with a soft, water-absorbing plastic called hydroxyethyl methacrylate. His work would enable a Dr. Wichterle, suing only his son’s erector set and bicycle parts, to create the spin-casting machine that would produce the world’s first soft contact lenses in 1961.

Nowadays, 90% of lenses worn are soft lenses, and the redesign of lenses has not abated yet. Contact lens designers today are looking into high-definition lenses, ‘superfocus’ lenses and auto-focus lens technologies that could transform contacts for us once more.

Hair Trends For Summer-Spring 2012

2012 August 9
by cnapple

It seems that there is a tendency for fashion to get a bit more minimalistic in 2012. The whole idea is to look natural and spend the smallest amount of time to prepare yourself to go out. Also, comfort has a lot of impact on fashion this year and this can be seen in hair trends for this spring all the way to summer.

Messy hair – it seems that messy hair is definitely in this season and the next season. Just comb your hair, throw in a bit of hair product to make it look like it has been a little messed up and you are ready to go out with the sexiest look ever. Glistening hair is also in trend, so more product where it can be visible can make you look amazing. Of course, people shouldn’t take this the wrong way, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of your hair, it just means that you have to go for an effortless look.

Knots and tails – there is a tendency to make different weird knots and it has been seen on fashion shows quite a lot lately. Also, pony tails that offer a minimalistic look are trendy and will make every woman’s job easier when preparing to go out. There can be different types of pony tails too, some models where seen with really complicated patterns, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Short hair – if the trends are showing a tendency for more simple and effortless styles, short hair will probably be a priority this year and we will see a lot of messy short hair styles in trend. A lot of women will probably find short hair to be the most easy to maintain solution and it can be a great way to try something new in terms of fashion. Just make sure that you and your stylist find something appropriate to your face shape to enhance your features the best way you can.

In the end, your hair should first match your lifestyle and you will need to make sure that you feel comfortable with it, no matter if it is messy, straight, long or short.

Fashion Trends From The Future

2012 July 19
by cnapple

We have seen many fashion trends this season, some new, other inspired from the past. A new trend that is now becoming more popular is a bit different and offers a futuristic look to modern women that are tired of the classic patterns and stripes. This trend, although very interesting, has something in common with almost everything fashionable this year, it has a lot of bright colors.

So what is it about these futuristic prints that make them so fashionable? Well, for starters, the outfits look pretty amazing with color combinations that make them stand out quite a lot. A good example here would be some purple futuristic flower-like patterns on a sparkly silver base to create a two piece outfit perfect for the spring. There are also short dresses that have a nice combination of colors which offer a futuristic vibe. While this trend demands a lot of attention, wearing such outfits isn’t as hard as some women may think; there is a certain level of confidence required and making a fashion statement is never easy.

If you don’t want to go for the full futuristic look, you can try to keep things a bit more subtle by wearing a colorful printed pair of pants with a simple white T-shirt. The contrast will make the pants stand out even more but you will still maintain a classy and modern look. Every fashion trend that can be completed with a simple white shirt is ideal for a woman in a hurry that likes looking fashionable.

The main accessories that go well this trend are high heels and a similar styled handbag. The shoes are recommended to have a very interesting color to go with the bright outfit while a fashionable bag is just perfect no matter the trend. If you want to see some of the popular ideas, Vera Wang has a great collection that includes futuristic prints designed for the spring of 2012. Be ready to turn some heads if you plan on trying out this trend as colorful futuristic patterns don’t easily go unnoticed and are a great alternative from the classic dots we are used to.